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It's time to

Let Freedom Ring

The Let Freedom Ring plans are our flagship product.  The same rate every hour of every day.  No rate changes or surprises.  Like the song, America, from which the name comes, it's a classic.

Declare your

Weekend Independence

Declare Independence on your weekends with the Weekend Independence free weekend plan!  Spend your time on the things that are important without worrying about electricity charges. Between Friday evening and Monday morning, you pay no energy costs or utility delivery charges.

Have your very own

Midnight Ride

Midnight rides are not limited to Paul Revere.  Free nights all week long with your very own Midnight Ride plan.

Solar Buyback Program

Have solar panels and want to get paid for excess generation you can't use?  Enroll into eligible plans and participate in the Solar Buyback program.

The Best Customer Care in the State

Yeah, we said it.  Most of our competitors claim to prioritize customer care, but unlike most, we actually do.  You deserve to get time and attention whenever you contact us and we strive to exceed your expectations.  If you need to reach us, send an email to care@joinarevolution.com or call us at 888-374-1776.

Is the headline above a bold statement?  Yes, but we put our money where our mouths are.  If you have worked with our customer care group and are dissatisfied, you can call our CEO, Josh, at 832-807-2601.

Many 100% Green Options

While electricity wasn't widely available until the late1800s, colonial Americans relied almost exclusively on renewable resources.  We live in different times now, but all of our plans have Green versions, so whether you want a basic plan or free nights or weekends, you can choose the green alternative.  When you opt for green plan, there is nothing more you need to do.  We will offset your electricity use by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from renewable energy producers to help decrease your carbon footprint and to encourage the production of more renewable energy. Powering your home while helping the environment has never been easier.

Tell-a-Friend and get a Discount

Telling friends about great products in the 1700s was difficult, but thankfully we had people like Ben Franklin to make it easier. (Did you know that Ben Franklin created the Postal Service and was the first Postmaster General?)  In any case, telling people about Revolution Energy is fun, but wouldn't it be great if you also got paid?  Here is how it works: upon enrollment, you will get a personal promo code that you can share with anyone you want. Every time someone signs up for a standard Let Freedom Ring or Let Freedom Ring Green plan using your code, each of you gets a $25 credit. More details about the program can be found in the For Home section of the website and in our FAQs.

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